Make your services online accesible

Videos & images

You can work with unlimited numbers of images and even embed videos in your quetionnaires.. Also helping you create state of the art elearning modules.


We offer a variety of features and offer you a flexible and versatile platform to create online questionnaires, test, scans, etc.. And because we are developing new features and applications each month, we are constantly adding new options and solutions.

In addition to the standard options we can tailor each of your wishes. This offers total freedom!

Make your own online questionnaires. Whether it’s an evaluation form, language test or e-learning. With IntakePortal  you can make almost any document easily online available.


If you choose to invite a participant by using a hyperlink, you’ll have two options. The first option is autmatically created an account and have the participant fill in the information. In the second option: no account but only completed the questionnaire and get the results.

Automatically creating accounts

Export results

Vyou can export the results as a PD|F or .csv file.

Through your account management you can keep track if an account is used and check when questionnaires are completed. Especially useful when working with e-learning or testing.

Check account usage

Results and reports

Depending on the type of questionnaire you can create various reports. Consider the use of a spider graph, bar charts or adding additional text. Of course, it is possible to completely customize a report.

Repeatedly completing

Per questionnaire you can specify whether the participant has the opportunity to go through the questionnaire more than once. This can be used to measure the progress or with e-learning.

Different types of questions

We offer different types of questions. You may think of multiple choice, open questions or statements. Depending on the type of question can define different parameters, such as points per answer or answering is required,

In addition to the administrator account, you can create accounts for employees, customers or participants. Each account type has its own features eg: management, create questionnaires, invite, see results, etc.

Different types of accounts

It’s possible to create questionnaires which have a time limit. In this way you can add a n extra  difficulty to your tests or exams.

Time limit

Of each questionnaire, exam, test, etc. you can easily generate a link. This makes it possible to easily distribute your questionnaires through your website or social media.

Generate hyperlinks